Monday, February 18, 2013

Amusing Signage in Taiwan.

Shoe washing station.

The Chinese portion of the sign basically says "Child specific sink - do not step/place excessive weight." Somehow it got translated into "Hand basin for child only do not beat." Who doesn't love Engrish?
"No hunting or electrocute or poisoning fish. No contaminating to water or air." But my favorite? A toddler playing with two balls and Thor's hammer in a bathtub with wheels = vender?

"Inshallah" is an English transcription of the Arabic phrase for "God Willing." Guess what is this business? It is a store that provides bride services (e.g. dress/nails/hair).

I will try to build a top notch leisure environment that can be enjoyed by all!

Political correctness has not eradicated signs that bring joy to my life.

I'll be sure not to "bring outer zone's food."

This is an evacuation radius map for the Nuclear Power Station 3. It is written in both Chinese and Engrish. 

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