Monday, March 4, 2013

Eating in the Old Country (Part I).

Taiwan doesn't have a lot going for it. It is a small island with very little habitable land, as a mountain range travels from north to south, bifurcating the west coast and east coast.

It also doesn't have a lot of natural resources. Timber is almost always imported. Even sand and stone used to provide aggregate in concrete is a natural resource that must be rationed and properly managed by the government.

So in lieu of having nice beautiful lawns and large houses, people eat. Because the country is really small and densely populated, there really isn't a lot of things to do or see - so people eat.

 So yes. I ate a lot in Taiwan.

HeySong Corporation's Apple Sidra. Tastes just like how I remembered it and if I were capable of producing tears I would shed tears of nostalgia. Coca-Cola and Pepsi may dominate the international beverage market, but neither has anything on HeySong. 

HeySong Sarsaparilla. The triangular object is a rice triangle with tuna fish, wrapped in seaweed. Both are awesome and cheap too.


As previously mentioned - a sausage betting cart.

Mmmmm more food.

Yummy mutt dog.

My aunt bought me a caramel macchiato. 

A millet porridge. I dream of this. Literally. If anyone knows where to score some foxtail millet in the United States, please let me know!!!

Seaweed, bean curd, kimchi, and sour and spicy soup.

Dumplings. Steamed meat-filled buns, beef wraps.
Garlic chives filled pie.
85°C Bakery Cafe. The breads looked good. The coffee? For $2.50 USD? Sort of underwhelming.

I drank a lot of coffee. Jet lag sucks. But this can was only half a dollar. Since 1994!!! How can you lose with Wincafe? Heh heh heh. So cold.

7 Eleven coffee. Not bad for $2 bucks.

This was the most ridiculously expensive bubble tea ever. $4 USD for a large bubble tea. In Taiwan? !@#$%!^@!!!! I wanted to flip a table, throw a few chairs and burn the store down. 

Hot pot. This was my last meal in Taiwan. It wasn't bad - but unfortunately, due to climate change, I don't think it was hot pot suitable weather.