Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating America! (Part I)

For the 4th of July, the Spousal Unit (hereinafter "SU") and I visited her old college roommate's hometown in Brockway, Pennsylvania.

Brockway is a borough where the people are friendly and don't lock their doors at night, wildlife is plentiful, and the water tastes good. I was told that the water in Brockway is soft, which was confirmed by how rapidly soap lathers in Brockway, and the good the pizza/baked goods (I dare say Brockway has the best pizza west of the Hudson River).

This was our third visit to Brockway, but it was the first time we had been able to stay for multiple days (a previous attempt to stay over was foiled by an alarm clock and cats). As a result! We are able experience many new and awesome things!

The first night we were in Brockway, we got to ride in a 1958 Willys Jeep Wagon that had been upgraded with ~300hp, a sound system, uber comfortable seats, and electric windshield wipers (The original wipers were driven by a vacuum engine powered by the manifold vacuum, which worked best when the car was not moving).

Sort of like Dairy Queen. Only awesome!

We also ate some awesome pizza, drank some beer from Straub Beer from St. Mary, and went to a local hangout called "Tastee Freez." This place was sort of like Dairy Queen, only it had $2.00 foot-long hotdogs,
and was generally awesome.

We also got to go to a local shooting range. It was a great educational experience, as I discovered that the SU is Annie Oakley-reincarnated.

Don't believe me? Watch the vid! This is the SU working the lever after about a dozen shots.

Note to self, in the zombie apocalypse, give the SU a lever-action .22 rifle and she'll hold down the fort while I look for Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S) to feed the family!

Searching for R.O.U.S to feed the family.

We also got to see how one can enjoy shooting firearms while also being environmentally responsible and fiscally conservative!
This device re-loads shotgun shells.

Make Shooting a Family Affair!

True to the spirit of the poster, SU's former roommate sending rounds downrange while her younger brother spots on her behalf! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making us sound almost normal. Glad you had a good time. I look forward to Part 2 of this post.
Jess' Mum