Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Pilgrimage to St. Marys and Awesome Pizza!

The day after Thanksgiving our hosts took us Black Friday shopping.
For BEER at St. Mary, PA. We had heard about the "Eternal Tap" - but never had the opportunity to make our pilgrimage to the mythical place.

Here we go!

We signed in and followed the signs.

It appears that Straub dealt in milk during the prohibition?

I poured my first! As per the rules, I drank two.
Even the Mrs., who usually frowns upon beer, enjoyed the fresh brew at Straub!

They had this amazing glass washer!

Free post-Thanksgiving beer grub!
Afterwards I bought two cases of Straub's Special Dark for a whopping low price of  $17 per case! Amazing! Unfortunately the two cases will not last long, as the smooth and drinkable nature of the beer has encouraged the Mrs to steal sips from my bottle!

We also bought some functional mementos.
Beer and Pizza are very similar. Both utilize yeast, water, and sugars to make beautiful and tasty things. While most pizzerias can control for the quality of their dry ingredients (i.e. flour, salt and sugar), the majority have to make do with the water they have.

Brockway, PA is situated in the Allegheny Highlands and enjoys clean soft water (for now anyway). For some perspective, if you're living in Pittsburgh, you're probably drinking Brockway sewage that has more additional mineral content picked up during its journey south. Yeast does not like minerals (it especially does not like salts).

So it is really not a surprise that Paesano Pizza in Brockway, PA has the best pizza I've ever tasted outside of New York City. 

Basically - the Allegheny Highlands present the perfect resources for the production of good pizza and beer! Saccharomyces cerevisiae you rock!

I forgot to take a picture before we ate half the pizza. Rest assured it was very good.